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Home Inspections

If you have questions about what a home inspection is or what it involves, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

All Cox Creek inspections include:

• An easy-to-read report highlighting the current condition of the operating system and components of the home. To view a sample report click here.

• On-site consultation and feedback on the operating systems and components of the home


• Insights on system and component repair costs with replacement time frames 


Standard Inspection Fees*

(includes pre-purchase inspections, pre-listing inspections, home maintenance reports and home warranty reports)


Up to 1499 sq ft

1500 - 1999 sq ft

2000 - 2999 sq ft

3000 - 3999 sq ft

4000 - 4999 sq ft

Over 5000 sq ft








Thermal Scans

+ $125

+ $125

+ $150

+ $175

+ $200

FLIR Thermographic Imaging
(Includes: Moisture, electrical, insulation and HVAC systems)

Reliance letters for commercial inspections are available for $300.

* prices exclude 13% HST

Infrared Thermographic Imaging

Thermal, or infrared, energy is light that is not visible to the human eye. It is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we perceive as heat. Every material has a unique thermal signature and when moisture, heat, cold, or wood destroying organisms are introduced to the structure, the thermal signature changes. 

Infrared thermography, or thermal imaging provides more insight regarding the physical state of a property and can reveal issues in a home that would not be visible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging uses infrared technology to detect and show temperature anomalies, allowing your inspector to identify areas of unseen hot and cold spots. Through the use of infrared thermal imaging, we can detect these temperature differences and interpret the results.


thermographic imagery.jpeg

Under the right conditions, infrared thermal imaging may detect the following problems:​​

  • Water penetration and leaks

  • Moisture in concealed areas

  • Electrical hot spots

  • Problems with radiant heating

  • Leaks in air ducts or plumbing

  • Missing or damaged insulation

  • Structural problems, such as missing or damaged studs

As these services are highly specific to your unique circumstances, please contact us to discuss your needs and to get an idea of pricing.

WETT Wood Burning Appliance Inspection

* prices exclude 13% HST

With wood burning appliances, the potential for harmful pollutants to be released into your home as well as combustible materials to ignite is increased, so it is important that these appliances are regularly inspected and properly maintained.

WETT specialty inspections are required as a part of the home insuring process. In fact, many homeowners first hear about WETT specialty inspections because an insurance company asks that their appliances be examined by a WETT certified inspector.

If purchasing an older home that includes any of these wood-burning appliances, a WETT inspection is an absolute necessity.


An inspection will be able to tell you whether or not these appliances are operating optimally, are in good structural condition, and that they burning in a way that does not compromise your health and safety.

WETT Inspection Fees*

$150 per appliance

If adding a WETT inspection to a general home inspection, the cost is only $75 per appliance.

Home Inspections
Inspection Pricing
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